Mommies need play dates too. Not the kind you’d bring your kid to.

According to the US Census, in 2008 there were more than 10,000,000 single parents, whose children live with them at least half the time, over the age of 30. We’re guessing half of those are women. And all of them would like someone to rub their feet, have dinner with them, take a vacation and maybe have some rocking sex (now that we’ve figured out what we like and aren’t afraid to ask for it.)

We count ourselves amongst that set. We are a bunch of hot, single mothers “of a certain age” here talking about what it’s like to be dating again.

But dating sites, and maybe the whole dating mentality, seems to focus on younger people. People looking to get married, buy a house, make more babies.

We’re in a different place. We have kids to think about raising, not making more. We know what we want, so we’re less likely to fall for the wrong guys (except sometimes we do, anyway.) We’re older, wiser, hotter, stronger and more adventurous than we were when we were younger. We don’t want you to be our daddies and we don’t want to be your mommies. We know what we want, and we know how to give you what you want.

We’re in our prime! It’s just starting to get good around here.


If you are over 35, have kids and are actively in the dating pool again and want to blog with us, drop us a line at alyssaroyse+dating  @  gmail.com.