Sex and the Voracious 40 year old Woman

So we have a new blogger here at Dating Mommies, Shoe Gal but she’s been so busy we haven’t yet heard from her.  I got her permission to post these chats between her and Anita Hardon. They forwarded them to me where she discussed her latest dips from the dating pool.  They are take-the-gloves-off, hold-nothing-back and hardcore!  But laugh out loud funny, in an “Oh No She Didn’t!!” kind of way.  Enjoy!


So what’s up Shoe Gal?  Are you gonna start writing down your exploits?

Shoe Gal

i can go thru all the guys ive dated.. sigh

Anita Hardon

Heh. Each one has a story I’m sure.

Shoe Gal

ok so lets see.. it may be easier if you ask me questions.. the first guy i went out with i still am seeing

i wont talk about him

but the first guy i began to date always talked about how sexual he was and how important sex was to him.. i was so excited coming from a sex less marriage 
i was going to go wild and have the best damn sex of my life.. the problem was i wasnt overly excited around him but still how bad could it be

so we decide to quickly go to his beach house the second weekend we knew each other. and we begin to kiss and fool around i reach down and am shocked that he is not too big.. not big at all and now here i am with him for the weekend

we end up having sex and not only was he small but he could only cum once in a night.

every time we were together he would only cum the same way

my legs up in the air and he would be on top because he was so small it was the only way to go deep.. and he would make this face like pouty lips.. and i would try so hard not to laugh

so mr. iwantsexallthetime turned out to be mr. icandoitonceanight

i then dated someone months after who i had known in college but never dated then

the first time we had sex we were in bed all night and sex 6 times.. though it sounds exciting he was pounding me so hard that he bruised my mons pubis so badly

Anita Hardon

Holy sh!t. Let it all out gf. It’s healing.


A few days later I heard back from Shoe Gal again:

Shoe Gal

i thought of another couple incidents

how about the guy who would always want a blow job and in two minutes he would yell.. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK and cum in my mouth and be done


i do have a good story to tell.. and ill write it up and save it

Anita Hardon

girl, you’ve got LOTS to say

Shoe Gal

omg like sunday…

i had my period

and we decided to just kiss and fool around because i didnt want the mess

so i let him just put the head in

a little


Anita Hardon

lemme guess. crime scene

Shoe Gal


all was good

after hours of making out

i came he didnt

oh well

Anita Hardon

NFW! you played “just the tip”???

Shoe Gal

and when i got home i wanted to change my tampoon

well low and behold the string was shoved in me

i had to squat and dig for the bloody tampon


not all dating stories are clean and pretty

Anita Hardon

i am lol here at the pool

write. that. shit. DOWN

Shoe Gal

i have it all in my head

i will

jesus im a slut

i have so many

Anita Hardon

Girl, Love it.  Own it.  No shame!  You are an adult woman who has every right to pursue the pleasure you want.  You’re no slut; You have partners in all of this and no one would dare call a man a slut.  xoxo


I’m sure we will have more from Shoe Gal once she takes a moment out of her busy dating schedule.

I will say though, it’s not an issue if a man comes once per night, there are some men who *wish* they were able to do that.  It’s just an issue when you brag and tout yourself out to be Mr. Incredible and you’re not. Oh! And here’s some free advice guys… The woman should ALWAYS come first.



One thought on “Sex and the Voracious 40 year old Woman

  1. Can I second and third that please? I so agree. I’m writing a series of books where women talk about big and small packages and the challenges there in. You girls remind me a bit of the characters that I wrote.

    I love that you girls are just putting it out there….talking about the things that happen to us.

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