YO! When Are You Getting Back To The GOOD Stuff? Explicit

Here’s one from the memory banks.  Another text to myself to remind me of one evening. This was a guy I had sex with in Phase 1 for a month or so.  Then I moved on.  Bored I guess. I reread this to post it here.  *shudder*  I wonder if I still have BoyToy’s number… *grabs cell phone*


stock photo

got a txt from my BoyToy. I was home alone. asked if I wanted to meet him at the hip bar in the city. I went solo. he was not there, so I made other friends. he called from cab, was on his way. he got there. so cute. music pumping.  lots of beautiful people. we grinded, he pulled my hair and kissed me many times. so hot. we wanted to fk so I drove to his place. he fingerd me while I drove. we got naked. kissed. played. fkd. he played a rap song I hadn’t heard, great song and I rode his cock to the beat. 3x while on his back. he pulled me up to lick my pussy. id go back down to ride him again each time.  then we dl’d another great song and he entered me from behind. in his bed w/ me on top posn i let him fk me in the ass. it hurt so we went slow, then it started to feelgood. moved slowly in that posn for a while. then we showered. back to bed, me on top again I came huge!  we fked from 1:30-4am.  passed out from sheer exhaustion. woke at 7. wet from laying next to him. I started stroking his cock, kissing his chin and ears. he woke up, entered in spoon posn and I came in 5 minutes because he rubbed my clit simultaneously.  so fkng gooood. then I rode him again. I think he likes me on top. i know he likes how wet i get!!  we did it doggie style. so deep it hurt a little.  then I gave him a dynamic combo hand job/blow job until he came. I swallowed. Tasted v sweet.  used a whole box of condoms w this guy.


This guy is at least 12 years younger than me.  All of the girls he has dated since have me to thank.  You’re welcome.

Editors note:  Sometimes it’s fun to be the editor; I get to pick the pictures and read these first.  


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