Underwear Under There

Camo Briefs From Yandy.com. No, I don't own them, but I would, if he wanted me to.

I’m thinking about underwear a lot, and I know myself well enough to know that this is a sign. It actually started last week, as I had two dates with two different guys, and in each case it was an “I’m very likely to fuck him tonight” date, so I started thinking about my underwear. And his. And what else would be under there.

I hedged my bets a bit by writing the “penisometer” post, all of which still stands strong – A great cock will sway me one way or another, whether I want it to or not. But the other side of that post is the Panty-o-meter post. There’s this weird fine line between wanting to put my best puss forward, as I define it, and worrying a bit about what HE wants to find when he finds my bits.

I know, what he wants to find is anything but a penis. I’ve got that covered. But if I REALLY like a guy, I want him to find exactly what he wants, without my having to try. In other words, I want what he finds to be the exact manifestation of what he fantasizes about when he manhandles himself. It would be a sign that we were fully compatible, without having to try.

Whatever he likes, I’m pretty sure I have it in my closet. Seriously. Ruffled panties, PVC thong, lace boy shorts….  You name it, I have it, because I like it. I believe in great packaging as much as I believe in a great package.

So, Monday’s guy, I decided was probably a boy shorts guy. I showered, shaved, moisturized, all the while imagining him unwrapping me, feeling me, tasting me. I love the way that feels. I opted for a girly cute pair of boy shorts that are hot pink with light pink hearts all over them. Totally girly, but in a coy and silly sort of way. He never saw them, though his hands dove down my slightly loose jeans and felt my ass in exactly the way slightly loose jeans are intended to allow. He knew I was wearing boy shorts. Then we made out in a way that distracted me so intensely that it made me much less interested in Thursday guy.

Thursday guy is a bit more materialistic and obvious, so I decided he was a thong guy. Showered, shaved, moisturized, but with an odd ambivalence. I was thinking about Monday Guy. Hmmm, that’s interesting. Opted for a back lace thong and skin-tight jeans that meant he’d have to get them all the way off of me to see the black lace thong. That’s a higher bar in the whole “you can’t ride this ride unless you reach this far” scale.  And that didn’t happen. But as I undressed that  night, in front of the mirror, I did think, “he doesn’t know what he missed, damn, you look edible.”

I’ve seen Monday guy a few more times since then, and every time, I have shaved and put on cute underwear, even though none of our encounters were likely to turn into sex for reasons that had nothing to do with us. But clearly, it’s on my mind.

Just now, I was looking for lingerie online – awesome procrastination, after all, everyone needs underwear, it’s an unimpeachable purchase. I’m looking at all manner of underthings, trying to guess what he’s into. And realizing that whatever it was, I’d happily wear it. That, my friends, is a sure sign that I’m into someone. Camo briefs? If you want ’em, you bet.

When my being hot stops being about MY being hot, and starts being about that look that I can put on his face. That “wow, really, I get THAT,” look. Yes, baby, you get THAT, and you can do anything you want with it.

Then I start to wonder what kind of underwear they wear, and what I will find under there. There’s been enough groping that I am confident I will find good things. But specifically?

  • What if they’re wearing tighty-whities? I just don’t think I could handle that!  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle that. That would be a disaster. Anything else is okay. Wait, no, women’s underwear would not be okay with me either.
  • What if there’s a forest down there? I’ve been spoiled by some great manscapers, and I don’t want to have to ask for it, I just want them to arrive that way, meaning we think similarly and there’s not going to be all sorts of “change for me” going on.
  • What if they like pubic hair on chicks? I haven’t had pubic hair in ages – long enough that I had to assure my daughter that it was normal for hair to grow there because she had never seen it. I did run into one guy who just had to have pubic hair, and as such, he was never gonna be 100% into me. (Lasers, it’s not coming back!)

This is nerve-wracking.

Maybe it’s a good argument for waiting until you are so into each other that you wouldn’t care if you found weasels and chipmunks in there.  Or getting it over with quickly. Ya, that.


If you want those camo briefs, or any other cheap and fairly tacky underwear, they’re at Yandy.com.


2 thoughts on “Underwear Under There

  1. If I don’t think they will be on long, then I will wear something really delicate. If I might be wearing them for a longer time when we are playing I will generally opt for a thong, so my date can feel my ass or spank it till it’s pink. I like to be undressed so I generally wear nice lingerie, and expect my date to slowly undress me, and not tear anything. If they are rougher, I will generally wear something I care less about, in case they rip it.

    • Love your thinking! Yes, there are many variables in this whole thing. If I’m wearing lipstick, for instance, it’s a relatively sure sign that I’m not planning on doing anything with my mouth. I think we need to write a “know the signs” dating guide…. What it means when she……

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