The return of Boy Toy – or was it?

So Lanae emailed me and told me they are starting this blog again. I had a blast the last time, and yes, believe it or not, Hardcore Anita Hardon is still available.

I have NO desire to slow my roll but I have been being much more mindful of keeping myself safe. you know, condom-wise? after all, I have kids who need me!! well, to be honest, safe also with my head and my heart.

So what are my latest antics?

Hmm, what can I tell you…

While Lanae & Alyssa seemingly tamed over the past year, i’ve been having lots of fun. picking up guys has never been tough but I did go through a period where there was a theme of shaming, where guys were trying to make me feel bad for being sexual. fuck that noise. if they don’t like it, they don’t need it from me. Ah, east coast uptight men.

I guess I’ll stay in the (relative) present though. There is an old beau – remember Boy Toy? well, we have not gotten together sexually recently but he did hunt me down via fb at an party i was attending. he recently broke up with the PYT he’d been dating and was wanting to hook up again. when he arrived though he was pretty drunk, had cabbed it over to where i was. i had not seen him for like 3 years! and DAMN he still looked gooood. we danced together. kissed quite a bit. did the bump and grind on the dance floor. he is sooo good at that bump and grind! i always loved his cockiness – when i told him his kisses were so good, he replied “duh.”  lol still putting the “boy” in Boy Toy. we were getting hot and heavy but here’s the thing; i sensed he was missing the recent ex. call me crazy but i just got the sense that fking this guy was not going to make either of us feel all that good. besides he was pretty tipsy, how good was that sloppy sex going to be? so when he repeatedly asked me to go home with him, i politely declined. I just wasn’t feeling it. eventually, he walked out slowly, and motioning for me to join him, and watching me to see if i’d come. but i didn’t. it just wasn’t in me. plus i WAS having a great time hanging out and partying with my friends.

it was a bit of validation that Boy Toy came back after all that time. maybe there’s still something there?


2 thoughts on “The return of Boy Toy – or was it?

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  2. Pingback: The return of Boy Toy – or was it? | The MamaSutra

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