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This all started when Lanae St.John and Alyssa Royse were laughing about their dating antics. Lanae and Alyssa are both working on educating women about how to have more fulfilling sex lives, which sometimes seems laughable – you know the old adage, “those who can do, those who can’t….” Well, they could, but they need to find worthy partners. Their friends chimed in on their conversation, and next thing you know, they all have stories to tell about dating when you’re a woman “of a certain age.”

Lanae St.John is a 44 year-old, Kinsey 0, mother of two girls who enjoys D & D (Divorce and Dating).  She’s had many roles over the years but truly enjoys this latest play.  Lanae is starting over career-wise as well and has been blogging for a while as The MamaSutra for Good Vibrations Magazine.  Her focus is normalizing the conversation between parents and their children about sex and sexuality, and often writes about Female Sexual Empowerment.  She jokes that she is a 16 year old boy trapped in a woman’s body, due to her love of comic book movies, video games, computers and interest in sex.  Since she’s been “out”, she has dated lots of guys and all of them have helped her refine what will work for her this time around… but right now she loves herself more than she did in her twenties and will not spend time with a guy who does not have it together.

Alyssa Royse has done lots of things, including raising a teenage daughter. Having worked in PR and Marketing, and studied playwrighting, she’s a natural storyteller, in the process of rewriting the story of her life. Single for 4 years now, there have been some ups and downs, but a lot of great experiences. When she’s not dating, which is most of the time, she is working on building Not So Secret,  a new web site to help women explore their own sexuality. She also does a lot of public speaking, and writes about everything she thinks on her personal blog. She has not given up on the idea of meeting the “perfect” man, or being a screenwriter, but in the mean time, she’s having a ball and finally figuring out how to just enjoy her life. At 42, she is in the best shape of her life, seriously.

Anonymous contributors: (Real people, fake names. Not because we’re ashamed, but because we respect the people in our lives, even the idiots, and we respect their privacy.)

Evangaline Lewis ~  Eva is a fit, 41 year-old mother of one, taking a bite out of the Big Apple. She’s been divorced for 4 years, though 2 of those were spent in a relationship with someone who can only be called “the fire,” if her marriage had been “the frying pan.” Guys in their mid 20’s love her, though she has not yet been able to do the cougar thing and really wants to find a nice divorced dad in his mid 40’s who happens to like lots and lots of relatively kinky sex. She is convinced that somewhere out there she will find a man who is smart, kind, stable, generous, independent, horny and capable of direct and rational communication. An odd mix of dreamy idealism and brutal logic, she calls it like she sees it.

Veronica Sawyer ~ forty-one years young.…single (happily divorced 2+ years)….kickass mother of one son, one daughter and two dogs….boy crazy like a teenage girl….libido like a teenage boy….wisdom, spirit and mastery of flirtation of a forty-one year old woman….capacity to love greater than I can hope to describe….dating again, and (figuring it out) loving it.  Also writes a whole bunch of random crazy veronica stuff on her personal blog.

Shoe Gal ~ forty-three… divorced…mother of one son and one daughter… also boy crazy and horny as a teenager…

Young Buck Hunter ~ forty years old…divorced…mother of one son…loves men who are in good physical shape… to the point of lusting after (and many times catching) men much younger than she is…

Anita Hardon ~ curvy, 43 year old, sexually-active (“promiscuous” to the more judgmental set out there), mother of two, who loves men and all the things they can do for/to her. Warning: she is explicit because she wants to be.  Come on; You know you are laminating her posts.

Lady Brady ~ 41 year old single mother of three (including a teen age son who frets over not having his growth spurt yet, a tween aged daughter who’s so funny yet dramatic mom is surprised she has not won an academy award yet, and a crazy boy that is such a typical youngest child and seems to excel at everything he does).  She got married fairly young for this day and age and totally bought into the fairy tale notion of one soulmate and living happily ever after.  Now divorced for almost 3 years she is trying to raise her kids, have a her own life, get over past hurts and self-esteem issues and figure out what she wants to do when she grows up!  Finding it sometimes hard to not be skeptical of all men, she has dated and now is in a serious relationship with a divorced father of three.  Sounds kind of like a sitcom from the early ’70’s, what was that show called?

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