How Not To Pick Up The Girl

OK Cupid has yet another great data-set about the language used in emails to users and the kind of response it got. My personal favorite line that arrived in my inbox was “Mmmmm…..  me want kitty.” I wish I was joking. Indeed, the number of emails I get each day by people who are just suggesting that one of their body parts would happily interact with one of my body parts is pretty shocking. (And hysterical!) Continue reading


Stats About Why Older Women ROCK!

Okay, I’m kind of a data whore. Maybe not the most popular kind of whore on the market these days, but my Spock-like brain just loves data. I mean, how else are you going to make a logical decision about something. Imagine my joy at finding all of these graphs and charts to prove what some of us hot-mamas already know – women our age ROCK!

The Case For An Older Woman.

We know, guys think they want younger chicks because they’re “hotter,” whatever that means. But there are plenty of women “of a certain age” who have rocking hot bodies. We also have enough experience in life that we don’t do the drama thing, know why and how to have rocking sex, and are busy raising our own kids so we’re not gonna try and raise you.

OK Cupid has lots of great graphs and charts about the dating behavior of its millions of users. But right now, this is my favorite!