Talk is not Cheap, it’s Hot.

Let me just say, I love healthy, respectful discussion.  It’s a REAL turn on for me.

That said, this series of (so far) 4 previous blog posts by Alyssa and me

1. a little help here

2. it’s a jungle out there

3. she’s a brick house

4. eye candy, sugar daddies and cougars (oh my!) Continue reading


Eye Candy, Sugar Daddies & Cougars (Oh My!)

The Puppet Will Rise, by Weljin

The dialog that Lanae and I started about men our age dating women half our age stirred up a bit muckety muck. We like that. It means we stumbled into something that needs discussing. Our friend Hugo, who has written and lectured extensively on the subject, added his very male and very academic perspective. Clearly, this is a conversation that needs to be had.

And it was, in comments and Facebook threads and emails. This is a sloppy sampling, that we hope will spark a larger conversation that we can all work with.

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That Takes Experience!

So last night I went out with a guy that I’ve known peripherally for years, we’ll call him Chap, which is nothing close to his real name. There’s always been a certain flirty chemistry between Chap and I, but we’ve never been single at the same time, and the women I’ve seen him with are so different from me that I’ve never really considered the possibility of anything other than entertaining flirting 4 times a year when we happen to run into each other.

Frankly, the women I typically see him with are a bit on the high-maintenance and fussy side. Fine, if that’s what you’re into, but if that’s what you’re into, you won’t be into me. Continue reading