Eye Candy, Sugar Daddies & Cougars (Oh My!)

The Puppet Will Rise, by Weljin

The dialog that Lanae and I started about men our age dating women half our age stirred up a bit muckety muck. We like that. It means we stumbled into something that needs discussing. Our friend Hugo, who has written and lectured extensively on the subject, added his very male and very academic perspective. Clearly, this is a conversation that needs to be had.

And it was, in comments and Facebook threads and emails. This is a sloppy sampling, that we hope will spark a larger conversation that we can all work with.

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She’s a Brick House

I have a guy friend who wanted to weigh in on the last two blogs by Alyssa and me.

He tried to give me an analogy using Real Estate to explain our situation.

Remember the guy who got 5 dates immediately?  He’s the cute house on the corner that people have been waiting to come on the market.  The minute it (he) does there are plenty of agents (friends) who have the perfect buyers (ladies). Continue reading

He Says “It’s A Jungle Out There!”

Yes, we ALL make fun of and judge the guy who carries around the trollopy trophy girl, and not in a good way.

I had a great talk with an old friend yesterday. I haven’t seen him in person in a zillion years, but he’s a couple of years older than me, recently divorced, very successful and spending a lot of time on the road for work. I was enjoying my morning coffee as he was having lunch on a park bench in Manhattan yesterday, and felt the need to call me and tell me that this whole dating thing is a pain in the ass for men too. Guess it’s not going well for him. Continue reading